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Why Do I Blaze Souls?

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012.

Today, I brought light and air into the SoulBlazing™ Sanctuary by throwing open the curtains and lifting open the windows.  This simple act reconnected me with why I do my work, and I’d like to share this with you!

Why do I Blaze Souls? For the simple reason that Souls need Blazing.

Lisa at "SPARK" SoulBlazing™ Workshop

I started out doing traditional therapy and stepped into SoulBlazing™ by accident. I was role playing with a couple of challenging clients who I wasn’t seeing progress with in the traditional way.

I then discovered that everyone has someone inside of them – an “Impostor” – that is running their life.

I took it on as a challenge to run those pesky “Impostors” out of town so that the rightful Authentic Soul could take its place.

It’s important to know who is running your show, your life. Is it Uncle Fester? Aunt Bertha? Your Mother who said you’d never be liked?

During a SoulBlazing™ session, you will have the opportunity to get your Soul Blazed, discover who is running your life, learn how to kick them out, and set your Authentic Soul Free!

Somehow the arrival of summer is awakening people to transitions in their lives, emotionally, financially, or in their relationships.

SOUL WORK: Why do YOU do what you do?  Write it out in 10 sentences or less, and then share in the comments section below or on my facebook page!

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