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So the deal is that you have to do the work but then forget it and jump off the cliff, leaving your “notes” behind. Whatever you need is inside you and whoever will be drawn to you and your work will find you because you DID do the work, you did not allow your “Impostors” to do it, to get it done sooner to make money or to get ahead.

See Your Self As Radiant

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles. In God, all things are possible.” And so it it.


Hear how to make your marriage work with all the distractions and challenges in our busy lives.

Love is in the Air

Women are continuing to break the glass ceiling.

Dream While You’re Awake

In the middle of the night I found that I can dream while being awake.

Arianna Huffington Puts Well-Being On The Page

The Huffington Post is launching a “Well Being” vertical! That’s right, now alongside all the other top news, you’ll get your well-being fix too. Keep an eye out, and you may just be able to keep your Impostors at bay by continuing to feed your Authentic Soul each time you flip to your newsfeed.

Coyote Omen on Friday the 13th?

With the sudden rain and the coyote sighting both falling on Friday the 13th, it seemed too synchronistic to ignore. Across cultures, coyotes and foxes are seen as trickster creatures that may shape shift and cause divilment and merriment wherever they go.

Have a Turkish Coffee Break With Me!

Each of our Authentic Souls yearn for us to take a pilgrimage. A guitarist might travel to learn from a specific teacher. Holy people might seek to reconnect with Source in sacred, historical sites. . .

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