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"When you find the love you find yourself. The secret is in the love." -- Sidi

SoulBlazing™ Sanctuary

“When the clouds disappear, the sky clears and sun shines brilliantly. When the sun shines does one need artificial light to see? When the light of the soul blazes, the light of consciousness is no longer needed.” – Sutras of Patanjali

Welcome to the SoulBlazing™ Sanctuary, a tranquil urban retreat located in Sherman Oaks, California. As you enter, the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles metropolis seems to fall away. Furnished with warm, earthy colors, invitingly comfortable furnishings, and inspiring art from around the world, the Sanctuary creates a safe haven for the intensive SoulBlazing™ process. It boasts spacious meeting and living rooms, an inviting pool, and a courtyard featuring cozy lounge chairs and a bubbling water fountain.

Lisa created the SoulBlazing™ Sanctuary as a safe environment for people to open their hearts, confront and struggle with their deepest issues, and reconnect with their Authentic Souls. Through workshops, retreats and private sessions, Lisa has created spaces for like-minded to come together and share. The SoulBlazing™ Sanctuary is designed as a haven for busy people who need to slow down and evaluate where they are and where they want to go.

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