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"When you find the love you find yourself. The secret is in the love." -- Sidi

What is SoulBlazing™?

While volunteering as a counselor at a maximum-security prison in California and working with one of her most difficult cases, Lisa noticed that traditional techniques were failing. She took a radical chance and broke from script, confronting and challenging Bella, the hardened “lifer,” in front of her. The next hour transformed both their lives.

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Lisa’s innovative style of therapy was born and named for that pivotal session when Bella declared “Lisa, you just blazed my soul.”

SoulBlazing™ unlocks your potential by unveiling the fears, beliefs, and habits that prevent you from achieving your highest personal and financial success. During your time with Lisa, she will tailor a program to meet your individual needs.

Lisa’s therapy is uniquely influenced by her lifelong passion for travel and learning. She includes the wisdom of therapeutic and spiritual techniques gathered and recorded during her travels. Drawing from her cross-cultural observations, Lisa has identified several common self-destructive trends in the form of the eight Impostors, which she helps her clients to recognize and confront. She acknowledges our common humanity/spirit/God/consciousness as the “Authentic Soul,” and works to help each client connect with and live from their Authentic Soul.

Lisa draws on both established analytical approaches from her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology (Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Jungian Analysis, Reality Therapy, and others) and techniques gathered during her lifetime of global field research (mystics in the Middle East, shamans in South America, monks in Asia, the Maori in New Zealand, etc.).



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